Blizzard 8 weeks

Blizzard 8 weeks


DOB 22.05.18

KC BVA Hip Score


Delighted to retain an Yrina and Cian and baby Blizzard caught the eye from the start with her bubbly and outgoing personality 

Funny and adorable in every way she simply enchants whoever she meets and I hope for big things for this special girl

Blizzard 8 weeks

Blizzard 8 weeks

Stormdancer Snow Patrol

Supreme Ch International Ch and Multi Ch Cian zo Zezul At Stomdancer (IMP SVK)

ELAN z Milhostovyskych poli

BOB CAC BLESK z Barbaijky

CENA z Papugovho Dvora

Cita Z Milhostovskych Poli

Deo Hrabniky

Ch Kazan Nestor

Ika Z Paloty

Brita Z Ruzenice

Ed Rissa

Brita Zoani

Alan Silvertina

Dix Olichov

Nil Hajasov Dvor

Bora Z Milhostovskych Poli

Dixa Z Kutskej

Elan Z Milhostovskych Poli

Brita Z Kutskej

Asta Dido Slovakia

Nero Z Kralovskych Chlmov

Foxy Tigrie Oko

Brita Z Ubreza

Ola Z Kralovskych Chlmov

Car Z Milhostovskych Poli

Happy Lanferove Polia