Dob 14/10/15

KC BVA Hip Score 14/10 Total 24

The simply beautiful Goose (whose photo was used on the front of Our Dogs for advertising Crufts) came back to live with us and simply loves being with her sister Magic on the farm as she enjoys games and being a clown who loves everything and everybody...............she is so happy and cute and we all adore her




Sh Ch Sharnphilly Awesome JW ShCM

Sh Ch Gunalt Hunky

Sh Ch Gunalt Excess

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Gunalt Eternity

Sh Ch Gunalt Tart

Khamsynn Cardinal Synn

Gunalt Joy

Galrhia Posh as Sharnphilly

Galrhia Lord Harvey (JW)

Sh Ch Gunalt Hunky

Galrhia Moonlight Velvet JW

Galrhia Sophistication

Sh Ch Kalimor Cooper

Tomisin Aileen (IKC)

Stormdancer Embrace

SH CH Ansona Sugar Puff at Stormdancer

Sh CH Ansona Gamesmaster JW ShCM

Sh Ch Risinglark Hyperion JW

Ansona Puzzle JW

Ansona Birthday Girl

Ansona O'Malley

Ansona Puzzle JW

Stormdancer Razorlight

Stormdancer Squeeze

Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed JW

Stormdancer Indian Magic

Stormdancer Jelly Tot

Am & Aust Ch Nani N Greydove Milenium Bug (Imp)

Sh Ch Stormdancer Exclusive