DOB: 30/05/2007 - 23/02/2013
KC/BVA Hip Score: 9/5 Total 14

A loyal bitch Lolly would do anything to please and always keen to make me smile. Suberbly put together Lolly covered the ground with ease - and then some!
An excellent mother to Flip and Grandmother to Tilda and Martha she loved any puppy that needed to be cared whether it was her own baby or really didn't matter to Lolly as she loved them all.


Lullabelle Lou at Stormdancer

Stormdancer Squeeze

Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Gunalt Harris Tweed JW

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Am Ch Nani's Totally Awesome

Lusco's Foreign Affair of Flimmoric

Gunalt Joy

Sh Ch Gunalt Cacharel

Sh Ch Gunalt Anais Anais

Stormdancer Indian Magic

Shalina Indian Wizard

Sh Ch Ambersbury Jazzman

Shalina Royal Willow

Stormdancer Las Marquesas

Sh Ch Flimmoric Fanclub

Graveney's Storm Dancer

Saffiery Lady

Toy Boy

Ivymoor Ptarmigan at Ghostwatch

Elwing Star Spray

Persian Blue

Graphite Moonshine

Zilazan Krystal Klear