Dob 22/07/16
KC BVA Hip Score 3/4 Total 7

Rebel caught my eye from the first having such a lovely personality being fearless and inquisitive
Super head and expression with the bone and substance of Storm, my foundation bitch...........Rebel was always a sweetie 

Stormdancer Rebel Rebel

Multi Ch Umberto Fala Love'A

Am/Aust/Can CH Multi BIS Graytsky's Smokin In Havana

Am & Can Ch Ashmore Win'Weim's Royal Flush JH

Graytsky's Stellaluna

Sufa Haderech Fala Love'A

AM CH Nani's Indecent Exposure USA

Pol Ch Pol JCh Rio Bravo Fala Love'a

Int CH Le Cinquieme Element At Silberweiss Fala Love'a

Multi CH. Raxi Bona Jantarowa

AM CH Nani's Indecent Exposure USA

Silhuoette's All That Jazz JH

Multi CH.Bella'N Sillouhettes Heart Throb

Int Ch Pol Ch After Nani's Knight Rider

Bona O Czerta

Vogue Imperium Star With Stormdancer (IMP POL)

INT CH Kolata's Surfer's Paradise

Am Ch Colsidex Nani Reprint

Am Ch Colsidex Standing Ovation

Am Ch Nani's Cobbie Cuddler

Am Ch Unity Juscanis Surely Temple

Am Ch Seabreeze Colsidex Sands Of Time JH

Am Ch Juscanis Mater Ad Colsidex

Haza Grey Fellow

Pol Ch Don Padre Jim Bob

Nani's James Robert

Soul Coast Toby's Special Suprise

Pol Ch English Grzanka Duma Kazana

Greydove Nordic Liaison

Pol Ch Bianka Gwiazda Imperium